... Is it? (4/09/12)


Herdthinner: Ha! Hy dun need veeks to forget tings! Hy ken declutter my brain in minutes! Call now to order my new series, "Who iz hyu und vat haff hyu done vit my trousers??" Hyu might forget it, but hyu von't regret it! Jan 10, 2016 8:38:39 GMT
Sturzkampf: Mebbe hyu need to schoot vun to encourage de odders. It vorks vit Admirals. Jan 9, 2016 18:20:27 GMT
vonluftschiff: Iz an art. Vot hyu need iz a spark device to make it go der odder vay round, zo dey learn really fast. Jan 8, 2016 18:32:51 GMT
thorinschmidt: Finally! Dis furst veek beck at skool was a killer! how ken da schtudents forget SO much in only 2 weeks!?!?!? Jan 8, 2016 18:19:02 GMT
vonluftschiff: Heppy new year! Hy found out today vun of my uncles iz a Jäger. He got vun hat for goink out, vun for beink indoors, und vun for schleepink in. Dot iz impressive. Jan 1, 2016 18:48:00 GMT
Dagrun: Heppy new year to all Jägers eferyvhere! Jan 1, 2016 17:09:39 GMT
thorinschmidt: May effryboddy hev a heppy new year, vun mit bogs in effry pie! Jan 1, 2016 2:22:27 GMT
Sturzkampf: Vishink all Jägers eferyvhere a really borink 2016 (I had a really interestink 2015) Dec 31, 2015 20:26:03 GMT *
Herdthinner: Dot's de spirit! Dec 25, 2015 19:16:21 GMT
thorinschmidt: Hokay! Time for dis Jäger to get schtarted mit da Christmas Shoppink! Voohoo! Dec 24, 2015 17:22:15 GMT
Sturzkampf: Oh ja. Happy Christmas and goodwill to all Jägers. Dec 24, 2015 10:14:47 GMT
Herdthinner: Ve doff our hats to Minsky! A true Jäger Dec 23, 2015 7:29:03 GMT
vonluftschiff: Der Minsky, he vos an impressive cat. He could catch midges. Hy tink dere iz no eatink on a midge; he yust vanted to show off his reflexes. Dec 21, 2015 11:13:57 GMT
Herdthinner: Hy iz not impressed vit balls! De real masters iz de vuns dot ken catch de leedle red dot on de vall! Vait, iz on de floor now! Sorry, on de back uv-- DEM! Hy be right back! Dec 19, 2015 8:19:43 GMT
Sturzkampf: BALL!! Oh, seeink az hyu threw it yesterday, hy iz probably a bit late to chase it. Nize to see Ms Ambrose's honour gettink saved by de ball-throwink ofer on Freefall... Dec 17, 2015 19:26:58 GMT
Dagrun: Hey, Sturzkampf! BALL! Dec 16, 2015 3:52:09 GMT
vonluftschiff: Hyu iz Corporal? Vell done! Dec 5, 2015 22:11:11 GMT
Herdthinner: Vunderbar! Und now hyu Delta Tau Chi name iz "Punishment!" Announce dot name vit pride, vhereffer hyu go! Dec 5, 2015 7:21:30 GMT
m1a1x1i1m1s1h1a1t: May hyu heff menny more promotions, Corporal thorinschmidt! Dec 3, 2015 12:37:02 GMT
tzoram: Congrats, thorinschmidt! Hyu iz vorthy! Dec 3, 2015 1:53:18 GMT