... Is it? (4/09/12)


Sturzkampf: Hy vaits until dinner time und den reads all de schtrips in de lunch break. Except Freefall, vhich hy read first ting vit de breakfast coffee. Hy haff no idea vhy. Apr 22, 2015 19:44:24 GMT
m1a1x1i1m1s1h1a1t: No. XD Apr 22, 2015 11:55:02 GMT
Herdthinner: Iz hy de only vun dot vill not read de strips early vhen dey post dem early? Hy mean before M - W - F. Hy vait till de actual day to read dem. Hy iz just vonderink, nottink impawtent! Apr 22, 2015 4:30:30 GMT
Sturzkampf: Ja, hy'll be along in a bit. Apr 21, 2015 17:36:58 GMT
m1a1x1i1m1s1h1a1t: Tenks for letting os know, saber! Apr 20, 2015 22:55:10 GMT
Herdthinner: Tenks! Hy iz verra verra verra verra verra verra behind on effryting hy gots to read, but vill get to effryting hy gots to read sumhow, sumday. Apr 20, 2015 17:21:16 GMT
saber: Part 2 in the Different Zeetha series has officially been started! Apr 20, 2015 16:19:30 GMT
Dagrun: Luck! Apr 10, 2015 0:04:35 GMT
vonluftschiff: Hy iz beck! Und today hy iz goink to be doink zum tings vit der computer. Vish me luck! Apr 7, 2015 7:40:13 GMT
Herdthinner: Dot leafs os vit nottink! NOTTINK!! Apr 2, 2015 0:50:05 GMT
vonluftschiff: Hy iz goink to be avay till Monday night. Dun attack anytink hy vouldn't attack! Apr 1, 2015 16:11:25 GMT
Herdthinner: VOT? HY VILL NOT STAND FOR SOCH BASE BETRAYAL--! Oh, vait. Vait. Yas, hy sed hokeh to dot. Neffer mind! Mar 28, 2015 2:13:05 GMT
vonluftschiff: Vot? Hy missed dot! *goes to look at de tveets* Mar 27, 2015 20:27:52 GMT
Sturzkampf: Vo ho! De Major's invasion iz goink vell! Prof. Wright chust twittered her bas relief ov de Kestle! Mar 27, 2015 19:10:24 GMT
Herdthinner: Hy haff invaded Seattle und vill send mission reports as hy iz able! HOY! Mar 27, 2015 2:45:40 GMT
m1a1x1i1m1s1h1a1t: : 1) Go to your profile (the icon that looks like an ID card between the envelope and the magnifying glass). 2) Choose Activity. 3) Scroll through the list. Hope that helps. Mar 21, 2015 12:00:20 GMT
saber: Is their a way to find all the post you have written? I'm trying to find an old post of mine and I have no idea where I put it. Mar 21, 2015 0:27:43 GMT
Herdthinner: Hyu iz not doink Rock und Roll right if noboddy get hurt! Mar 17, 2015 1:12:05 GMT
Sturzkampf: Hyu singed? Vas hyu on fire agen? Mar 16, 2015 19:40:56 GMT
m1a1x1i1m1s1h1a1t: Hy knew dere voz a party hy should be kreshink zumvere! Mar 11, 2015 12:16:46 GMT